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That person you met in the hallway.

That person you started talking to.

That person you became friends with.

That person you told everything to.

That person that held you when you were at your breaking point.

That person you said “I love you” to.

That person you promised forever. 

That person you left. 

They don’t exist anymore. They couldn’t handle existing without you.

This is how moving on works. They say to do new things after a break up. After a break up you change.  You get over a person by not being the person that once was in love. 


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Anonymous: Is it bad / weird that me and my cousin like each other?

In my opinion yes it’s weird, but to each their own I suppose! 

Anonymous: A few days ago, this guy told me I was too young for him to be in a relationship. He´s 3 years older than me, and my friends say I should get the fuck out and never talk to him again. but I really really like him, and we kissed and he told me I was pretty and beautiful and that he felt something for me and that he wanted to hang out more, but when I asked him, he told me I was too young and that his stepsister is just as old as me. What should I do?

He made his mind up that you’re too young, I’m sorry I don’t think there’s much you can do, if anything be mature about it to show how you’re not but don’t get your hopes up. Just try to move on and do other things <3