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Drunk on You

Anonymous: Dear Laura and Kyle, my boyfriend and i are going through a rough patch. I was having a stressful time with school and home life so i was being very distant and i realised this so i let him know that i needed some space. But after a few days i started to get irritated at very small things that he did even though he hadn't really done anything wrong, after this he started to be very distant and we started fight lots. Now i feel like he isnt trying anymore and wants to break up. what do i do? :(

Oh geez that’s rough :(
I don’t really think there’s anything you can do if he’s decided he’s done? But maybe he’s just lost faith! I think you should try and plan some like really fun dates, and just show him that you can have fun together, and then maybe he’ll be less distant! Also really great sex would help too! -Kyle

Talk to you boyfriend. Maybe they don’t feel loved or wanted anymore, no one really wants to try when they aren’t given attention and are fighting alot. Start doing extra things to let them know that you still care and want it to work. -Laura